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My Thoughts On Sterling Silver

I don’t know where to start. Sterling silver jewelry has always been one of my favorites because it’s versatile.

It can be worn on almost any part of the body because all the major companies mass produce it. It’s not a rare metal like gold or platinum, so it’s much cheaper. I want to talk about all the different types of sterling jewelry you can buy.


head chainThere is so much you can do with your head. I love the head chains that girls are wearing more often now. I don’t think sterling silver would make for a good head chain because it’s so heavy. Head chains should be light weight, like costume jewelry.

Ear rings are perfect in sterling silver. It’s durable and doesn’t tarnish which makes for a good earring. You will wear your favorite pair of earrings a lot and they will get wet when it rains or you get sweaty, so this would be a good metal to go with. If you wear some of the cheaper alloys, it can tarnish and irritate your ear. A lot of people have allergic reactions to nickel, so don’t buy nickel earrings unless you know you’re not allergic.

Your mouth is actually a good place to wear sterling silver because of its qualities. It doesn’t rust or change composition in wet environments like other metals. Some metals, like iron, are just not fit for jewelry. I have a couple sterling silver grills that I bought from because they were cheap and cute. If you decide to wear a grill, wear it on the bottom row. Bottom row grills look better on girls than top row grills.


There’s only one type of jewelry that you can wear on you neck and that’s a necklace. I’ve seen a lot of different types of necklaces, but that’s the only thing that you can wear around your neck.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘what about chokers, Jess?’ A choker is a necklace. Don’t believe me? Well let’s take this up with Webster. According to the Webster dictionary, a necklace is “an ornament worn around the neck.” I think the definition is pretty clear.

Sterling silver necklaces are awesome! They are actually my favorite kind of sterling silver jewelry. Most people can’t tell whether it’s real silver, platinum, white gold, or sterling silver. Only people with a trained eye can tell the difference. That’s very few people. Necklace lovers or metal connoisseurs will be able to spot the difference, but the overwhelming majority of people won’t have the slightest clue.

The best place to shop for necklaces is on They have a huge selection and they ship them incredibly fast. I love Amazon shopping, but nothing can replace the feeling of shopping in a store. You’re going to spend a lot more money in a store but it is fun.

If money is not your main concern, then shop in a store like Tiffany and Co and enjoy yourself. I have been very short on funds several times in my life and developed the habit of shopping online. It’s so much cheaper and faster but you don’t get the immersive experience. I like to touch things when I shop in person.

Hands and Feet

You can wear sterling jewelry all over your body, especially on your hands and feet. You have ten toes, ten fingers, two wrists, and two ankles that could hold a lot of trinkets. That’s 14 spots to make a fashion statement.

Out of all those places, my favorite are rings. There’s not much like a hand with the perfect rings. It’s classy and elegant, just like they used to wear in the roaring 20s.

If I could go back to any era in the world, it would be to the roaring 20s. It would be so much fun to be treated like a lady and party 1920s style.

They didn’t wear much sterling silver back then. The main people partying were the wealthy elites. They wore real gold and silver. You can get away with spending a lot less money than they could since we have the internet.

A good place to buy Rings is at You can get them for less than a dollar!